Well, I dropped off an application at Shr... Scro... Shcr... Aww, screw it. That place that makes the games and stuff that isn't Kaiba Corp or Industrial Illusions. I guess if I want to work there I had better learn to spell it first.

Started getting myself ready for going to school, too, buying books and stuff. Man, those things are expensive! I'm getting all mine used online. Makes life easier. What kinda sucks is that I wanted to look into maybe taking up paleontology like Zaki did, but turns out I have to clear a bunch of basic stuff like math and history before they'll even let you look at the more specialized stuff. Oh, well. I guess you gotta start somewhere...


So, yeah, the other day I got hired to go move boxes around for Mr. Tenma and his boyfriend. I wouldn't mind doing that again. They pay me better than my boss does, and they just gave me a key to the house and went to work, instead of hanging around pestering me. I like that better than the ones who stand on the sidelines the whole time and telling me not to drop their stuff. You'd think they'd figure out I'm more likely to drop stuff if they're getting under my feet and distracting me by yelling at me every time I turn around. They got them a nice house, though. I wouldn't know what to do with all that space, but looks like they've got it fixed up pretty nice. I wouldn't mind having a gym like the one in the basement, though.

Speaking of work, I've gotta figure out what I'm going to do how I'm going to manage that and school both. Something's gotta give. Might have to cut back to part-time...


Camping was a blast! Man, there just ain't nothing like getting away from it all. It's just not natural to be stuffed in a box all day. That's the good thing about a motorcycle - you don't get cut off from everything else like you would in a car. Anyway, it's fun to chill out, go fishing, do a little exploring, and not have to think too hard about anything.

I gotta tell you, though. Squirrels? Totally not worth the effort of catching one. Them suckers bite.


So, it turns out that tyranosaurs don't like thunderstorms. Who knew?

I phoned in sick to work today so I could go talk to Doc Mendel. He was real nice about everything, real reassuring, which is good 'cause that thing last night seriously freaked me out. So now I've got a bottle of pink pills and a bottle of blue pills to take if I feel any more of those attacks coming on. He says if one doesn't work, the other will. Hope he's right about that, but I guess we'll see.


Well, I called Kato. He thinks going to school would be a good way for me to stay out of trouble (whatever that means) so he's going to pull some strings and get me in. Only I gotta fill out a heap of forms. I hate filling out forms. Nothing like having to write out my life history in triplicate to make me want to start having fun with matches and paper shredders.

#17 - Screened to Ryuuzaki

So, dude - I met this cute blonde chick at the supermarket. Says her name is Rebecca Hopkins, and she sounded like she knew you from somewhere. Anyhow, she's an archeologist, and when I mentioned we were going bone-hunting this summer, she asked if we had room for one more. Whaddaya say?


Looks like Sabertooth is feeling a lot better! She jumped onto the table while I was eating breakfast and tried to steal it from me! Crazy cat. I didn't even know she could jump that high.


That cat just barfed on the magazine I was looking at! What was that all about? Is he sick? Do we need to take him to the vet? What do I do?

Right on the centerfold, too. Damn.


Hey, the doctor's appointment went great! Dr. Mendel is a cool dude. I figured he was gonna be all stuffy and shit, but the dude wears his hair in a ponytail and has glasses with purple frames, and he was wearing this goofy tie with dalmations and fire hydrants on it. I think we're gonna get along fine. He didn't do any weird stuff like the doctors at the hospital did. Mostly he just asked questions. I can live with that. I had to get blood taken, too, but that wasn't such a big deal. Ain't like I've never been cut up before, so having a little tube stuck in my arm was nothing. And he made sure they had something for me to eat when it was all over so I wouldn't pass out. That woulda been embarassing. So his nurse brought us doughnuts and we sat around and yakked for a while. Talked about soccer. He's totally into that. And hey, I got a paid day off for medical leave! Can't beat that. I guess all doctors aren't crazy. Just most of 'em.


You know what sucks? I've got a doctor's appointment on Monday. You can bet I'm not looking forward to that one bit! But I talked to Kato and he says it's got to be done, so what can I do? He says he's found me a doctor - some kind of specialist from Austria or one of those places like that - who won't give me any trouble. They say they've already got all the records from the guy at the hospital, so mostly I'm just supposed to meet the guy and be measured and weighed and like that. Basic checkup. And I've gotta get blood drawn, too. See, I told Kato that I was thinking of looking into getting a job as a bodyguard, and he says if I'm going to do something like that where there's a chance I could get hurt, I hafta take some precautions. See, there aren't a lot of other dinosaur guys running around, so if I get shot and need a blood transfusion, normal human blood isn't gonna do me any good. So what I've gotta do is donate some to myself to use later if I need it. How crazy is that? But I guess it's a good idea. I mean, even if I don't get a bodyguarding job, I could still get hit by a bus or fall of my bike or something. The other thing Kato says I should do is get a bracelet or maybe some dog tags with all the doctor's info on it, so if I do get in an accident, they'll take me straight to him and not to a normal hospital where I can get in trouble again.

Speaking of that bike, I still need to work on getting my licence.